Student Kits for Colleges and Tafes

Our individual make-up kits are designed to meet various levels of educational needs and student ability.

If you’ve only just started on the basics of make-up application, we have a standard kit that covers all the essentials of make-up artisty. We also have more advanced kits that contain basic tools and make-up, as well as a few extras that will allow for more varied and sophisticated applications.

We have 3 levels of kits

- $275

- $360

- $455

These kits are designed to give your students all they need to start there course with an extremely high discount

*if you wanted to deisgn your own kit please contact us for options.

In addition to our student kits we offer our TafesColleges who order student kits FREE in-house makeup training.

Paintbox Cosmetics is all about education; providing the highest quality products and professional education to help advance and grow our clients makeup artistry skills and add value to the industry, covering the latest professional makeup techniques. Our training ensures our clients are able to achieve the highest results from our products.

Product images

Our kits are designed to give students all they need to start up there business, we use the best quality products including a stunning selection of Kett Cosmetics designed by renowned Make-up Artist Sheila McKenna. PaintBox Cosmetics and Kett Cosmetics are designed for high definetion cameras and television. All products have been tested for effectiveness in front of high definition cameras, ensuring that each product delivers outstanding performance.


To find out more about what would suit you or your student's needs, please do not hesitate to contact us using the enquiry form on the Contact Page